Aviana Violet & Mckenzie Lee – Swapping Tantric Milfs


New episode by MomSwap with Aviana Violet and Mckenzie Lee in Swapping Tantric Milfs! Anthony and Axel want to lose their virginities, but they’re having trouble finding girls. Concerned, their stepmoms, Aviana and McKenzie, step in to save the day. The women don’t want their boys constantly worrying about sex, and if losing their virginities means a healthy mental release, they’ll do anything to help. Their plan is taboo but should go a long way for Anthony and Axel. Essentially, the milfs plan to surprise the boys with tantric sex – they’ll swap stepsons so that Aviana gets fucked by Axel and McKenzie gets fucked by Anthony. The lucky studs have to do everything not to cum right away. They want to show their stepmoms how appreciative they are for helping them lose their virginities. The milfs get fucked hard until the guys can no longer hold their loads. Anthony and Axel cum hard on their stepmom’s faces, covering them in a sticky mess. The milfs share a cummy kiss and let the intensity of the moment wash over them.

Date: May 12, 2024