MomComesFirst – Parker Swayze – Stepmom’s New Life


New episode by MomComesFirst with Parker Swayze in New Life! I’ve never been good at making friends. And I don’t like doing new things. So when I moved to Phoenix with my step mom I wasn’t pleased about it. It was so hot all the time and everyone I met was stupid. When I wasn’t at school, or the gym, I was hiding in my room playing video games. I didn’t blame her for getting a divorce. I know it was Dad’s fault, and he’s an asshole anyway… I don’t know how or why it happened. Maybe Mom saw my browser history, perhaps she knew I spied on her changing sometimes… But I don’t care because something extraordinary finally happened. And I’ve changed my mind about trying new things, I think my stepmom and I are going to be just fine all on our own….
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Date: January 5, 2024
Pornstar: Parker Swayze